Project ID:2006112
WP7: European Survey

The EHR-Implement European Survey

About EHR-Implement

The EHR-Implement project, funded by the European Union in the framework of the Public Health Programme , intends to "collect, analyse and compare broad scale electronic health record (EHR) implementations among European countries and provide best practice, policy and strategic recommendations to facilitate EHR implementation initiatives throughout Europe."

The project aims more specifically at identifying the political, social and organisational factors that influence that broad scale implementation of EHR systems.

Through a case study approach, the project performed an in-depth comparison and assessment of six national initiatives for broad scale EHR implementation (Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Slovenia and United Kingdom)1.

The project conducts by this a focused survey at European level on strategy and actions related to the implementation of EHR systems in order to formulate recommendations for policy makers.

About the European Survey

The survey is one of the ways to identify the most relevant factors, as brought forward by the National and/or Regional Public Health Authorities throughout Europe.

The EHR-Implement project will produce a report on the result of the European survey, also based on your input as a national expert. Your efforts are very much appreciated. You will be informed of the results of the survey and will receive a copy of the final report.

All information about the responder will only be used for internal purposes. The identity of the responder will never be published.

We thank you very much for your participation to the survey. If you remain with any related questions please contact your national expert to whom you handed the survey to respond or the EuroRec coordinator of the survey at