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EuroRec is a not for profit organisation promoting the use of high quality Electronic Health Record systems in Europe. The EuroRec Institute is a members' association of national ProRec centres.

EHR certification has been identified as one of the best ways to increase quality and interoperability of EHR systems, impacting at the same time on the market fragmentation. EuroRec and some of the ProRec centres started, as a result of the E.U. funded Q-REC project, to develop a Repository of Descriptive Statements, describing functions and structure of the EHR. These granular statements (Fine Grained Statements) and regrouping statements (Good Practice Requirements) can be used for certification as well as for product documentation and procurement. A number of these statements are yet available in 11 different languages (mostly generic statements and statements related to medication management and medicinal prescriptions).

EuroRec has also developed some tools to exploit its repository and has elaborated (standard) procedures for the certification of eHealth products. Further work is still in progress.

The Institute has recently launched the "EuroRec Seal" as a first step towards cross border European Quality Labelling. You can find more on our organisation and on the EuroRec Repository of EHR Descriptive Statements at

Extending and maintaining the Repository as well as supporting standardised cross border certification requires specialised personnel and quite some resources.

EuroRec would appreciate your support in the form of an annual renewable industrial membership. We are offering three levels of possible partnership: Gold and Silver Membership as well as Sponsoring Membership.

Yours Sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Dipak Kalra
EuroRec President

Prof. Dr. Pascal Coorevits
Certification and Labelling Adviser, EuroRec Representative

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For more information, please contact:

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