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National Project Workshop: Thematic Network on Quality Labelling and Certification of EHR Systems




Date: 28/09/2010
Start Hour: 09:00 - 17:00
Type: Workshop


ISSUE 1:  
Role of certification in the field of EHR
Welcome of the guests
Regional eHealth and EHR projects (Lodz Region)
The presentation is aimed at initial describing the participation of the Lodz region in EHRQtn project, the role of the Lodz region in this project, advantages of the participation in this project (possibilities of gaining experiences which are necessary to develop eHealth in the Lodz region), describing Polish version of SEAL as well as ideas of utilisation of knowledge gained thanks to the EHRQtn project in the implementation of SIMPRE and other projects of ,,eHealth Strategy of the Lodz Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013”.
The importance of certification and the EuroRec Seal (Eurorec)
-EuroRec: what? Mission?
-Quality Assessment of health IT products: importance
-Electronic Health Record Certification: role of the different stakeholders
-EuroRec approach to quality assessment. Specificity of the approach compared to HL7
-Status of the EuroRec Repository of EHR descriptive statements
-Quality Assessment for Clinical Research: cooperation between eClinical Forum, EFPIA and EuroRec
-EuroRec Seals: steps to cross-border harmonisation of EHR systems
-The EHR-Q-TN project to support the process
Role of certification of quality of IT Technologies providers (ProRec Austria)
-Overview of the Austrian "Health Care Record" landscape and the
national EHR project ELGA (infrastructure, standards, current activities, exchange of medical
reports now and in the future, adoption, views and reactions from all around)
-Status of certification in Austria (some existing certification schemes, interoperability testing, ProRec Activities, HITCH etc)
-Scenarios for the future
10:40 – 11:00
Discussion panel – Role of certification and its future in Poland
11:00 – 11:15
Coffee break
Model of implementation of EHR
Implementation of EHR in Estonia (Estonian eHealth Foundation)
-Transparent governance. Role of the eHealth Foundation
-Overview of the Health Information System- EHR
-Access rights to the system
-Involvement of all stakeholders
-Maintenance and monitoring of the working system
-Major learning experiences
EHR in Poland. Nationwide System of Healthcare – platform of communication in healthcare (Kamsoft)
The main goal of presentation is to inform attendees of practical, productive solution working in thousands of medical clinics and pharmacies in Poland. Presentation will contain structure of information gathered in electronic patient record in Nationwide System of Healthcare. Presentation will also contain the most important advantages for users – patients, physicians, pharmacists, and healthcare managers. We will talk about our experience and best practice in delivering EHR solutions.
Experiences of CGM-UHC in the implementation of the systems of EHR class in Europe (UHC)
The presentation is aimed at describing practical aspects of implementation of the systems of EHR class within the EU. Issues related to cooperation with users will be presented (doctors-patients). In addition to this, the EU regulations in the field of collecting and distributing of data in EHR systems will be depicted.
Discussion panel – Model of EHR implementation
Lunch break
Role of interfaces in the field of EHR
Conditioning and assumptions of realization EHR Prototype as integral component of the Project P1 (National Centre for Health Information Systems)
The presentation aims to illustrate the general concept of realization EHR Prototype within the work of Project P1. At the same time it has to explain why National Centre for Health Information Systems (NCHIS) decided to implement Project P1 through the prototypes and indicates relations  between EHR Prototype and e-Prescription Prototype.
New concept of HIS versus EHR system (Asseco)
Presentation is aimed at describing the process of technological change of the leading hospital solution in Poland and its impact on the production cycle, state of development of hospital systems and possibility of implementation of systems of EHR type, awareness of the medical staff in the field of EHR, as well as expectations of providers in the field of interfaces concerning central and regional initiatives.
Model of patient medical data (Sygnity)
The presentation is aimed at describing the scope of the expertise carried out for the Centre of Information Systems in Healthcare in the field of models of medical data, overview of the architectural perspectives, way of technical construction of the data model, as well as way of utilization of the analysis/models for EHR projects.
Discussion panel – Significance of common standards and interfaces
Summary and closing remarks


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