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A European Strategy for Chronic Conditions


EPPOSIā€™s 2nd Workshop on Chronic Conditions is designed to help formulate the principal elements of a holistic new model which can actively reduce the debilitating personal and economic burden of chronic conditions. The model will be developed by a Task Force, to be set up after the workshop and based on its outcomes, which can be adapted and implemented in all Member States.



Date: 09/12/2010
Type: Workshop



Rethinking Chronic Conditions

Dear Colleague,

EPPOSI’s 2nd Workshop on Chronic Conditions is fast approaching. So register now to guarantee your place in Brussels on 9 December 2010 and help rethink how we tackle chronic conditions - the cause of 86% of premature deaths in the WHO European Region.

Supported by the Belgian Presidency of the EU, the aim of the workshop is to formulate a holistic new model for Europe which can actively reduce the debilitating effects of chronic conditions and the personal and economic burden they impose. Among the elements to be addressed:

  • Harnessing patients’ unique perspectives on living with cardiovascular, respiratory, alcohol, disability and mental health conditions to deliver better care and treatment
  • Helping clinicians and healthcare practitioners better meet the needs of patients
  • Rethinking how healthcare systems’ payers and planners can better integrate services and care
  • Helping employers and social services support staff with chronic conditions to continue to play as active an economic role as possible
  • Looking at how to speed up access to new drug therapies and treatments safely and efficiently
  • Incorporating best practice and proven strategies
The model will be developed by a Task Force, to be set up after the workshop and based on its outcomes, which can be adapted and implemented in national plans in all Member States.
Call to action
So register now and make sure you can play your part in delivering real improvements for those living with chronic conditions and in helping to reshape the policies and practices which support them.
The full programme and background briefing are available to download as pdfs, along with the full registration information.
Take the opportunity to hear from and debate with leading experts representing all stakeholder perspectives, including:
  • Jean-Jacques Cassiman, KU Leuven (Belgium)
  • Susanna Palkonen, European Federation of Allergy and Airway Diseases Patients Association  (EFA)
  • Wolfgang Grisold, European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS)
  • Dagmar Kownatka, European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association (EDMA)
  • Stephanie Stock, University of Cologne (Germany)
  • Jukka Takala, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA)  
  • Jan Van Emelen, Association Internationale de la Mutualité (AIM)
  • Jochen H H Ehrich,  MHH Children's Hospital Hannover (Germany)
  • Ilias Iakovidis, DG Information Society and Media,  European Commission
  • Frank Brunsmann, European Organisation for Rare Diseases (EURORDIS)
  • Roland Lemye, Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME)

We look forward to seeing you there,

Jacqueline Bowman
Executive Director



Name: Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre
Address: Avenue du Boulevard 17
Zip code: 1210
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
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