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Invitation for ISHEP Conference and Medical Informatics 2013 Symposium, Dubrovnik, 6-9th of November, 2013


Dear colleagues,

Hope the message finds you well. In the capacity of ISHEP Conference Organizing Committee Co-Chair, as well as Croatian Society of Medical Informatics President, it is my utmost pleasure to invite you to join us for ISHEP 2013 conference ( and Medical Informatics 2013 Symposium ( ) in Dubrovnik, Croatia, November 6th-9th 2013.
ISHEP conference, as you may well know, is taking place for the 3rd time in the last four years. It is co-organized by three different professional associations in the region – namely Croatian Society of Medical Informatics (CSMI) , Slovenian Society of Medical Informatics, and HL7 Croatia, and delivered under auspices of Ministry of Health of Croatia and Slovenia. The purpose of the conference is exchange of experiences, ideas and best practices with regards to interoperability and standard adoption in IT healthcare. Special focus is given to European practice, both from perspective of Member States projects as well as policy makers on EU Commission level. In addition, the highlight of this year’s event is expected inauguration and formal establishment of PROREC Croatia. This year’s conference speakers include distinguished guests such as: professor Dipak Kalra (University College of London and EuroREC president), dr. Sinisa Varga (CEO of Croatian Health Insurance), Mr. Jasmin Dzaferovic (Ministry of Health Slovenia eHealth program leader), Dr. Matic Meglic, PhD (PARENT Project Leader), Ms. Tatjana Prenđa Trupec (CIO and Assistant Director, Croatian Health Insurance), Ms. Nicole Denjoy (COCIR Secretary General), Charles Jaffe (HL7 Inc CEO).

Medical Informatics Symposium is biennial conference organized by CSMI taking place for the 11th time since 1993. MI2013 targets broad audience of experts in the field of health and informatics: medical doctors, dentists, nurses, biochemists, pharmacists, managers and allied experts in health and health insurance as well as researchers and educators from medical informatics field. This year conference will include international workshop "e-nursing record and e-health record" organized by CSMI, EFMI WG NURSIE, Health Polytechnics Zagreb and Dubrovnik and Osijek University Studies of Nursing with distinguished speakers such as: Patrick Weber (Director Nice Computing medical informatics and consulting and EFMI President), Tonny Gypen (Founding Partner Alfa Management Consulting cvba), Walter Sermeus (Professor and Programme Director for Health Sciences, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven). In addition,  there will be a special session about new EFMI WG  "Information and Decision Support in Biomedicine and Health Care".

Most important information can be found on conferences web sites. Let me know if you would have any questions. It would be my pleasure to have you joining us for the conferences, and interact with your peers in lovely city of Dubrovnik.
Best regards,
Professor Vesna Ilakovac, PhD
University of Osijek, Chair of Croatian Society for Medical Informatics
ISHEP Organizing Committee Co-Chair
Telephone: +385 917275431

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