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17 November 2012

EuroRec welcomes the European eHealth Governance Initiative (eHGI) on semantic and technical interoperability.

The European eHealth Governance Initiative (eHGI) has published a discussion paper on semantic and technical interoperability which the EuroRec Institute warmly welcomes. EuroRec was established to encourage the development and implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) together with the creation of a system for quality labelling supported by an extensive range of clinical criteria.


FORTH, 06 October 2011

EuroRec EHR Quality Seal Level 2 granted to EHR system developed by FORTH

Nursing and Medical Applications (under the product name ICS-M), which are part of the software suite “Integrated Care Solutions” developed by the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH), have been certified with the Seal of Quality Electronic Health Record (EHR) Level 2 (EuroRec EHR Quality Seal Level 2) by the European Institute for Health Records EuroRec.

AMIA, 04 January 2010

AMIA Meeting Advances Transatlantic Cooperation on Health IT Policy

On Friday, November 12, Nancy Lorenzi, AMIA Board Chair and Professor of Biomedical Informatics at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, convened a meeting of the ARGOS eHealth Consortium, a project funded by the European Commission in which AMIA is a partner. Along with Professor Georges De Moor (ARGOS Project Co-ordinator, Belgium) from the EuroRec Institute for Electronic Health Records, Lorenzi led this second gathering of ARGOS stakeholders, the only meeting of the project to be held on U.S. soil and a key to obtaining input from U.S. informatics experts like Don Detmer, Floyd Eisenberg, Betsy Humphreys, Mark Musen, and Helga Rippen.

eHealth Europe, 03 December 2009

EuroRec profiles EHRs for clinical trial

Electronic records certification body EuroRec has released a profile spelling out the key functionality required for an electronic health records (EHR) to be considered a reliable source of data within clinical trials.
EuroRec says the publication of the EHR profile will help promote the use of high quality electronic health records in Europe.

HISI Newsletter, Summer 2009

Four Irish companies are the first to receive the EuroRec Seal

Alongside of the presentation of the O'Moore Medal to Dr. Hayes, the Summer 2009 Edition of the HISI Newsletter reports (p.8) on four Irish companies that were the first in Europe to be granted the EuroRec Seal since its introduction. This happened during the HISI 13th Annual Conference and Scientific Symposium (19th and 20th November 2008, Dublin).
The HISI Newsletter is co-published by ProRec Ireland.

Health Informatics Now, March 2009

ProRec-UK set up to represent UK on standards

In order to facilitate interoperability and pan-European record sharing, the European Health Records Institute is developing European health record standards, which will become a requirement for vendors in the EU. To give the UK a voice in this, ProRec-UK has been set up. Ian Herbert, vice chair, BCS Health Informatics Forum, and director, ProRec-UK, explains..

Irish Medical Times, 19 November 2008

Four IT systems for GPs get quality label

Four general practice IT systems used in the Irish market have achieved the 2008 quality label awarded by the European Institute for Health Records (EuroRec).

Health Service Executive website, 13 November 2008

Workshop and Awards Ceremony for GPIT Certified GP Practice Software Systems

A workshop on certification of GP Practice Software Systems will take place at the Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland annual conference in the Stillorgan Park Hotel in Dublin on Wednesday, November 19th. This will be followed by an awards ceremony when the four practice software vendors who achieved certification of their products will receive certificates. The certificates will be presented by Mr Pat O'Dowd, Assistant National Director PCCC and Chairperson of the National General Practice Information Technology (GPIT) Group.

ehealtheurope, 05 November 2008

Irish GP systems get EuroRec quality seal

Four general practice systems used in the Irish market have achieved the 2008 quality label, or seal, awarded by the European Institute for Health Records (EuroRec).

ehealtheurope, 30 September 2008

EHTEL and EuroRec symposium

The focus of e-health is shifting from connecting systems to connecting people, a symposium ahead of this year's World of Health IT conference will be told. The symposium, organised by the European Health Telematics Association and the European Institute for Health Records, will explore how to plan, build and deploy e-health as a means to achieve better integrated services.