European conference: Smart Data Driving Healthy Cities

Due to the worries surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak
we have been forced to postpone the timing of this conference.

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Data-driven initiatives to promote health city-wide

Imagine a tomorrow where communities of citizens, industries, health & social care actors, research, cities and public services are joining forces to create a catalysing health-supportive environment. A data-driven environment where all dimensions of health and well-being are being tackled through collaboration, participation and empowerment. Where responsibly shared health Data Saves Lives. Where illness is intercepted early and managed as close to home as possible. Where digital innovation enables citizens to monitor their health through smart medical devices, to self-manage their illness, to gain awareness through gamification.

Who should attend? Health and care professionals, research organisations, pharma, scientific organisations, (health) ICT and start-ups, civic and national authorities, patient organisations, healthdata brokers