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Executive body

President: Georges DE MOOR

Professor Dr. Georges J.E. De Moor studied Medicine and specialised in Clinical Pathology and Nuclear Medicine at the State University of Ghent (Belgium), where he also obtained his PhD in Medical Information Science. He is head of the Department of Medical Informatics and Statistics at the State University of Ghent, Belgium, where he teaches Health Informatics, Medical Statistics, Decision Theory and Evidence Based Medicine.

As president of RAMIT (Research in Medical Informatics and Telematics), he has been involved in both European and International Research and Development projects (+85), as well as in Standardisation activities. For seven years, Prof. De Moor acted as Founding Chairman of CEN/TC251, the official Technical Committee on standardisation in health informatics in Europe. Prof. De Moor has also founded a number of companies of which he is chairman or C.E.O. (e.g. MediBridge, Custodix, TeleTendo…). In 2004, he was elected President of the European Institute for Health Records (EuroRec). In Belgium, Prof. De Moor chairs a number of official Committees, among which the Health Telematics Committee of the Belgian Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, as well as a number of scientific and professional organisations.

Dr. De Moor is also head of the Clinical Pathology Laboratory of the St-Elisabeth Hospital in Zottegem.

He has edited seven books related to ICT in Health and published over 200 articles in scientific journals.

Secretary General: Glyn HAYES

Dr Glyn Hayes, a UK medical practitioner who, although now retired, was a GP in Worcester for 25 years. He has been involved with Health Informatics since the late 1970s when he designed one of first consulting room GP computer systems. He is a founder member of the Primary Health Care Specialist Group of the British Computer Society, was its Chair from 1985 to 1990 and is currently its President. He became the Medical Director for one of the largest suppliers of IT to the English NHS in 1992 and retired from this post in 2001. He has represented the UK on the International Medical Informatics Association and was the chair of the Primary Care working Group of IMIA. He has lectured widely around the world and been a keynote speaker at many international conferences. An Honorary Fellow of the BCS he has also been awarded the Rory O’Moore Medal by the Irish Health Informatics Society for his contribution to health informatics.. He is currently Chair of the British Computer Society’s Health Informatics Forum. His informatics interests include making systems which clinicians want to use, improving individual patient care by the application of IT and developing Health Informatics into a substantive profession. In this he has been a founder member and currently President of the UK Council for Health Informatics Professions. This is an independent professional registration body for all involved in health informatics.

Treasurer: Jos DEVLIES

José is a Medical Doctor by training, specialised in Family Medicine at the Catholic University of Leuven (1969) and in Occupational Healthcare at the University of Ghent (1972). He has also a degree in the Management of Healthcare Data (2003).

Practising General Practitioner, full time for over 30 years, and working for several years part-time in Occupational Healthcare, especially in the public sector, he started to be an entrepreneur. He has founded and chaired several companies, among which:

  • Medizorg C.V. , a co-operative medical society founded in 1980, with now 62 members and an annual turnover of over 15 million €
  • Datasoft Management N.V., founded in 1987, merged in 2002 into OmegaSoft, the largest provider of health information systems in Belgium, where he was responsible for business development, medical research and medical quality management

  • He was also co-founder and Member of the Board of MediBRIDGE N.V.

He joined in 2006 the team of Professor Georges De Moor (University of Ghent) to be the medical director, addressing more specifically clinical aspects in eHealth research and development.

José is Member of the Board of the Belgian Scientific Society for Medical Informatics (M.I.M.), a member of Prorec Belgium vzw and an early member of EuroRec, co-organising the first EuroRec Annual Meeting in Paris in 1997. He is co-author of the Belgian certification criteria for GP EHR systems.

He has always been very active in the context of the Health Telematics European Programmes and has been a member of the EU 5th Framework Healthcare Telematics Requirements Board (DGXIII). He has also participated in several National and EU co-funded projects. Just some of them: Euclides, Patiënt en Dossier, Intranet Health Clinic, PharmDIS, eMed, C-Care, Share, eProLearn, PharmDIS-e+ and C³, coordinating some of them. He is actually actively involved in ePrescript and LiverDoc as well as in RIDE and Q-REC. He was generally involved in the product specification, product design, validation and business development with a special interest for the clinical aspects of those projects.

He was a member of CEN/TC251 Working Group 1 and 2, participated in several standardisation projects e.g. on “Continuity of Care” and chaired the project team on the identification of medicinal products (ENV12610).

Deputy Treasurer : Morten BRUUN-RASMUSSEN

Morten Bruun-Rasmusen is engineer and partner in the independent consultancy company MEDIQ – Medical Informatics and Quality Development. He is responsible for strategic management of eHealth and are primary involved in specifications, procurement, analyses and assessment of technical projects. In the past 20 years he has been involved in national and international projects regarding health care networks, electronic communications and standardization.

Morten is one of the founder of ProRec Denmark and are currently active in the “Q-REC - European Quality Labelling and Certification of EHRs” and “HER Implement” projects, which are funded by the European Commission.

Vice-President: Gerard HURL, International Affairs Officer

MA, Fellow of Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland and of the Irish Computer Society.

Over 30 years experience in healthcare informatics, currently Project Director, ICT Convergence Project, Dublin Academic Teaching Hospitals and Member of Ireland’s National ICT Steering Group (HSE). Substantively Director of Information Services, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin.

Chairman of the Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland and Vice Chairman of ProRec Ireland, Vice Chairman of the Irish Forum for Health Informatics and Vice President of the EuroRec Institute. Founder member of the HealthCare Informatics Standards Committee of the National Standards Authority of Ireland and Irish representative on the council of the European Medical Informatics Federation (EFMI)

Lecturer in Healthcare Informatics: Institute of Public Administration, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, University College Dublin.
Papers and presentations on healthcare ICT strategies, implementation and technology developments at conferences and seminars in Ireland, U.K., Europe, U.S.A. Middle East and Asia.
1996 - Overall Winner - Irish Computer Professional of the Year.

Vice-President: Leo CIGLENECKI, Development Officer

Leo Ciglenecki has over twenty years of active involvement in the informatics projects, with the last fourteen years in the sector of health informatics. He has worked with several reputable IT companies in Slovenia and in Europe, as well as participated in the projects sponsored by the World Bank and EC (Widenet, Q-Rec, EHR-Implement). His recent activities included projects with the Capacity building project of the Health Insurance Fond in Serbia; the National EHR project in Serbia; Ministry of Health of Slovenia as a part of the national Health Sector Reform; the national Health Insurance Card project with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia etc.

He is a founder and the director of the consulting company LCI Information Engineering and of the Slovenian Prorec.SI Institution.

Vice-President: Knut BERNSTEIN, R&D Officer

Dr. Knut Bernstein is a partner in the consultancy company MEDIQ, having electronic health record assessment, certification, semantic interoperability, and data modelling as his primary responsibilities. He is also working on IT strategy development and EHR dissemination plans.
Currently he is participating in the “European Quality Labelling and Certification of EHRs” project, and he is the president of ProRec Denmark. He has more than ten years experience with coordination of European R&D; projects.

He has a long-standing experience in e-health, electronic communication, and standardisation from previous engagements with the Danish Healthcare Network and participation in CEN.

Vice-President: Rolf ENGELBRECHT, Information & Press Officer

Dr. R. Engelbrecht read electrical engineering and economics at the Hannover University.

He is head of the department “Telemedicine and electronic health record” at the GSF MEDIS-Institute in Munich.
He is well experienced in systems analysis, design, development, implementation of health care information systems and knowledge bases as well as in patient records.
He is past president of EFMI, past vice IMIA, and vice president of the European Institute for Health Records (EuroRec) and the German ProRec centre. He is honorary member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences and other scientific societies.

Dr. Rolf Engelbrecht has successfully participated in several EU and National R&D-projects; as a co-ordinator and partner.
He has authored more than 150 articles and books in the field of medical informatics.
He is on the editorial board of some well-established scientific journals.