Let’s tackle GDPR together!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has clear guidelines with regards to data protection. However that doesn’t result in a homogeneous implementation throughout each sector. There’s no need to say that a pharmaceutical company, dealing with loads of data from numerous individuals, obtained via multiple platforms, has lots of obstacles to tackle when it comes to GDPR.

On December 5th, we organized a tailor-made GDPR tutorial in cooperation with UCB.

Under the guidance of Nathan Lea (i~HD Information Governance & GDPR taskforce) and supported by field experts Mariana Rissetto (Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law at the University of Vienna), Petra Wilson (Health Connect Partners), Ruben Roex (research group Law & Technology at the University of Ghent) and Brendan Barnes (EFPIA) our i~HD taskforce focused on topics as:

  • Real-World Evidence
  • regulatory framework
  • accountability, security and breach management
  • extra-EU transfers and operations
  • data protection impact assessments
  • case studies developed by i~HD taskforce with UCB

To wrap up the day we had a very interactive panel discussion. We can conclude that accurate accountability and a customized approach are the main keys to tackle GDPR.

We look back on a successful tutorial with very interesting discussions and constructive dialogues. A special thanks to the UCB team including the RWE practice for the warm welcome and pleasant cooperation.