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EurecaEureca aims to build an advanced, standards-based and scalable semantic integration environment enabling seamless, secure and consistent bi-directional linking of clinical research and clinical care systems to:

  • Support more effective and efficient execution of clinical research by
    • Allowing faster eligible patient identification and enrolment in clinical trials
    • Providing access to the large amounts of patient data
    • Enabling long term follow up of patients
    • Avoid the current need for multiple data entry in the various clinical care
  • Allow data mining of longitudinal EHR data for early detection of patient safety issues related to therapies and drugs that would not become manifest in a clinical trial either due to limited sample size or to limited trial duration
  • Allow for faster transfer of new research findings and guidelines to the clinical setting (from bench-to-bedside)
  • Enable healthcare professionals to extract in each patient’s case the relevant data out of the overwhelmingly large amounts of heterogeneous patient data and treatment information.

At the core of the project will be achieving semantic interoperability among EHR and clinical trial systems, consistent with existing standards, while managing the various sources of heterogeneity: technology, medical vocabulary, language, etc.


Project: FP7-ICT-2011-7-288048

Start: 01 February 2012

Duration: 42 months

Keywords: Semantic interoperability, bi-directional linkage, clinical research, safety, secondary use of EHR, healthcare standards, data protection, security


This requires the definition of sound information models describing the EHR and the clinical trial systems, and capturing the semantics of the clinical terms by standard terminology systems. The scalability of the solution will be achieved by modularization, identifying core data subsets covering the chosen clinical domains. We demonstrate and validate concepts developed in Eureca by implementing a set of software services and tools that we deploy in the context of pilot demonstrators. Eureca will develop solutions that fulfill the data protection and security needs and the legal, ethical and regulatory requirements related to linking research and EHR data.

Philips Research (Coordinator) Netherlands
Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas Greece
Institut Jules Bordet Belgium
Custodix Belgium
University of Saarland (Medical School) Germany
The Chancelor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford UK
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung E.V. Germany
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Netherlands
The Breast International Group Belgium
Leibniz University Hannover Germany
Xerox France
Universidad Politechnica de Madrid Spain
Maastricht Radiation Oncology Clinic Netherlands
Ecancermedicalscience Switzerland
EuroRec France
Microsoft UK
Stoneroos Interactive Television Netherlands
The German Breast Group Germany

Eureca is supported by the European Commission
under the FP7 Programme

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