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SIL has confirmed itself as a meeting point for all logistics activity in Southern Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, particularly the countries of the Magreb, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Afte …
Barcelona Spain
23/05/2006 – 26/05/2006

Medicine and Technology & Dental 2006

International Fair of Medical, Laboratory, Dental Equipment and Pharmacy & Exhibition Dental …
zagreb Croatia
24/05/2006 – 27/05/2006

Exposanita 2006

Bologna Spain
25/05/2006 – 28/05/2006

HealthGrid 2006

…a forum for the integration of Grid Technologies and its Applications in the Biomedical, Medical and Biological domains to pave the path to an International Research Area in HealthGrids… …
07/06/2006 – 09/06/2006

NI 2006

9th International Congress in Nursing Informatics …
Seoul Korea
11/06/2006 – 16/06/2006

Annual CEE Pharmaceutical Challenges 2006

The event is specifically tailored to meet the needs of Senior Executives of Pharmaceutical Companies already located or planning to spread into CEE market …
Budapest Hungary
12/06/2006 – 13/06/2006

Q-REC and EuroRec General Assembly Meeting

PARIS France
26/06/2006 – 27/06/2006 EuroRec  QRec

International Conference on Data Management for Real-Life Problems in Biomedicine (DMRB 2006)

AIM AND SCOPE Data Management in life sciences is growing in importance both in the industry and in academia. Databases are being developed by the industry for disease-specific molecular gene expres …
United States
27/06/2006 – 29/06/2006

4th International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications (ICCSA-2006)

The 4th International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications (ICCSA-2006) will bring together researchers and practitioners from industry, academia and government to advance the state of …
United States
27/06/2006 – 29/06/2006

ICT for Bio-medical Sciences 2006

29/06/2006 – 30/06/2006

ICT for Bio-medical Sciences 2006

The aim of the event is to present the achievements to date and to discuss further challenges that could be addressed by the 7th Framework programme (FP) of the European Community for Research, Techno …
Brussels Belgium
29/06/2006 – 30/06/2006


The 20th International Congress of the Euorpean Federation for Medical Informatics …
Maastricht Netherlands
27/08/2006 – 30/08/2006


the latest advances in medical-grade materials, electronics, assembly and automation equipment, packaging and sterilization, plus contract manufacturing/subcontracting services, design and R&D; service …
GALWAY Ireland
20/09/2006 – 21/09/2006

eHealth Initiative (EHI) Third Health Information Technology (HIT) Summit

Electronic medical records implementation, as well as health technology trends and changes in state, regional, national and global health information technology policy …
United States
25/09/2006 – 27/09/2006

American Medical Group Assocation, International Assocation of Privacy Officers, Federation of Amer

United States
25/09/2006 – 27/09/2006

World of Health IT 2006 Conference & Exhibition

Geneva Switzerland
10/10/2006 – 13/10/2006 EuroRec  QRec

Annual Conference EuroRec

Geneva Switzerland
10/10/2006 EuroRec  QRec

Annual Conference EuroRec

Geneva Switzerland
10/10/2006 – 13/10/2006 EuroRec  QRec

11th World Congress on the Internet in Medicine (MEDNET2006)

13/10/2006 – 20/10/2006

Healthcare Estates Conference & Exhibition 2006

Healthcare Estates is the number one event for everyone involved in building, maintaining, supplying and servicing the environment for care. Now in its fifth year, it’s grown to become the UK’s leadin …

06/11/2006 – 07/11/2006

Info 2006

International Information Technology Fair …
Zagreb Croatia
07/11/2006 – 11/11/2006


15/11/2006 – 18/11/2006


De beurs voor het grote publiek Brussels-Eureka verzamelt meer dan 500 deelnemers uit 30 verschillende landen en bijna 600 innovaties, gebrevetteerde en onuitgegeven uitvindingen uit verscheidene dome …
23/11/2006 – 27/11/2006

VII International Symposium on Biological and Medical Data Analysis

The 7th International Symposium on Biological and Medical Data Analysis (ISBMDA 2006) aims to integrate interdisciplinary research from scientific fields such as statistics, biomedical informatics, in …
Thessaloniki Greece
07/12/2006 – 08/12/2006


HISA Australia hosts of Medinfo 2007 – August 20 – 24, 2007 Brisbane The Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) as a national organisation commenced operations in 1993. Since …
20/08/2007 – 24/08/2007

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