EuroRec Seal

The main objective of the EuroRec Seal is to initiate a process of harmonisation between EHR systems, favouring in Europe cross-border interoperability of those systems. It is not the intention of the EuroRec Seals to replace existing (e.g. national) certification initiatives (which can be/are supported by ProRec centres or EuroRec locally). In this stage, the seal is to be considered as a mechanism to avoid re-certification of EHR systems (i.e. systems already certified by other certification instances in EU member states using criteria compliant with the EuroRec ones). The content of the EuroRec Seal will evolve over time and encompass other criteria as well (e.g. functional ones and content-related ones).

The EuroRec EHR Quality Seal can be referred to in the documentation of certified products in compliance with the EuroRec Seal Rules.

Comments or suggestions for the different EuroRec Seal Levels can be sent to


Two levels of the EuroRec EHR Quality Seal have been unveiled:

Seal Level 1

Seal Level 2

The EuroRec EHR Quality Seal Level 1 has been unveiled during the High Level Interministerial eHealth 2008 Conference in Portoroz, Slovenia. The main objective of the EuroRec Seal Level 1 is to grant cross border certificates based on a mainly generic and minimal set of quality criteria for EHR systems. This level of the EuroRec Seal focuses on trustworthiness of the clinical data.

Level 2 of the EuroRec EHR Quality Seal has been published during the Health Informatics Society Ireland Annual Conference in Dublin, November, 2009. This Seal encompasses 50 functional quality criteria, addressing various essential functions of the EHR: access and security management of the systems, basic functional requirements on medication, clinical data management and the generic statements focusing on trustworthiness of the clinical data already included in the Level 1 Seal.


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